Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Theremin PCB - see you on the component side

When we left off last time, I had just put the finishing touches on the copper-trace side of my theremin circuit board. This included sanding copper off of the other side of the PCB; I removed the copper - but despite my best buffing efforts I could not return the board to its smooth state. Read on to find out how this turns out.
Materials needed for creation of the flip-side of theremin PCB:
  • copper-trace side of board from previous steps completed
  • image of component side of PCB printed recently on glossy paper from laser printer (check Chris's RS Theremin site for more info)
  • iron
  • paper
So I followed basically the same steps as I did for silkscreening the other side. I taped the pattern face down on the copper-less side of the circuit board, placed another piece of paper on top of the pattern, and ironed away.
I ironed alot, because I noticed that some areas of the paper were not showing any toner. The paper came right off after I stopped, and it looked really bad. So I tried again with a new printout on the same board, and this is the best I could get.If you look close, you will notice that all the areas that the silkscreen image did not transfer are the scuffed areas where I sanded the remaining copper off.
I decided that putting all the components on this board might end up being a waste of components because in some areas on the other side the copper traces were far less than perfect. I will make a new board as soon as possible, stay tuned for more theremin updates shortly!
I think I just might have found the perfect enclosure to put my first theremin in ...


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